Meldreth Futures Group Terms of Reference

The Meldreth Futures Group (MFG) has been formed by the Parish Council (“the Council”) to advise the Council on the award of funds to community and social groups and also for wider community benefit purposes. The source of this money is from our solar funding grants and other nongovernmental income. MFG will also look at the future of the village and within itself bring forward recommendations for capital and improvement projects.

How much will be available and for how long?

The amount of money is not simply defined but it is expected that the annual solar fund money will be the usual source. Within those limits a balanced view will be taken of each project, together with the possible need to maintain capacity for projects yet to be identified. The Council will take these issues into account when proposals come forward. The Council will carry out an annual review of the activities of MFG and the projects brought forward during the past year.

How will it be structured?

Each year the Council reviews and confirms the membership of all its working groups such as MFG. At present MFG comprises up to nine local residents who meet up to six times a year (and more frequently if there are special reasons) to discuss applications for funding. It is intended that each volunteer will serve for a period of two years and be eligible to be asked to serve a further period thereafter. MFG requires

  • a chair
  • a vice chair
  • a secretary
  • a press officer
  • at least one member of the Parish Council

Any interests must be declared by MFG members

What will be required from Applicants?

Proposals are submitted in an Application Form. Applications for funding need to show some basic costing and a full description of the project by those proposing it.

Who will make the funding decision?

This will be made by the Council after receiving the recommendations of MFG. These recommendations will usually be put forward in writing.

How will applications be encouraged?

A quarter page is to be requested in Meldreth Matters for advertising the activities of MFG and for promoting the successfully funded applications.